Microjournaling: The ‘Quick Sip’ Approach to Staying On Top

You know that overwhelming sensation when you attempt to guzzle a liter of water in one go? That’s the feeling many product managers get when they try to recall a month’s worth of progress during those “fun” end-of-the-month review meetings. But what if there’s another way? A simpler way?

Welcome to the world of micro journaling — the art of taking quick sips.

Drowning in Recollection

Traditional journaling or logging often feels like a chore. We tend to postpone it until we have a ‘significant’ update or when we’re nudged by a looming deadline. The result? A frantic scramble to remember details, piecing together hazy memories, and often overlooking the small wins and challenges along the way.

Quick Sips to the Rescue

Micro journaling is not about pouring out pages of reflections. It’s about quick, frequent, bite-sized notes. A sentence here, a bullet point there. These snippets might seem inconsequential in isolation, but together they paint a vivid, accurate picture of your product journey.

At Friyay, we’ve embraced this concept wholeheartedly. Because we believe progress isn’t just about the big leaps, but also the tiny, often unnoticed steps.

How Friyay Makes Micro journaling Effortless (and Fun!)

Prompted Entries: Instead of staring at a blank page, we provide cues, nudging you to jot down what’s ‘Latest’ and what’s ‘Next.’ Simple, yet powerful.

Colorful Indicators: Tracking doesn’t have to be dull. Assign colors to your updates – green for smooth sailing, red for challenges, and maybe orange for those ‘so-so’ days.

Visual Timeline: As you micro journal, watch your product story unfold in real-time, giving you a tangible sense of accomplishment.


They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In the world of product management, that journey is often filled with countless steps, detours, and learnings. With micro journaling, you won’t just remember the start and the end but cherish every twist and turn in between.

So, take a quick sip with Friyay. Your future self, looking back on a well-documented product journey, will thank you.



September 15, 2023

Written by

Paul Alvares

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